Being Oneself With Others

A three day facilitated person-centred group inviting exploration of our experiencing of ourselves, alone and in relation to others.

With: Dot Clark, Colin Lago and John Wilson.

Location: St. Mary’s Conference Centre, Sheffield.

Dates: 23rd-25th November, 2017.

Cost: £195.00 GBP

Deposit £50 (fully refundable) payable to book your place.

Confirmation that the minimum number for the group to run has been reached will be sent on or before 6th November along with a request to pay the balance of £145.00.

Given sufficient willingness to connect, we believe we can:

  • explore the diversity and difference represented in our group

  • deepen our level of relationship with each other and our own selves

  • foster a quality of acceptance based on knowing who we really are

  • offer an opportunity to learn and grow not easily available in other contexts

Only when encountering fully the fact of our fundamental difference and uniqueness does a deeply accepting community become possible.

We wish to offer an opportunity for colleagues in counselling/psychotherapy, and allied professions, to come together to learn experientially about being oneself with others through the group work process.

The community will thus serve as a learning laboratory where we might share our concerns, consider aspects of our interactions, our own use of power and control, and any other elements which may arise from the unpredictable turn of events of group process rather than from any imposed agenda.

It is our intention, following this group, to create a learning programme where colleagues can come together for the sole intention of reflecting on and developing their facilitation skills. This programme will begin in 2018 and more details will be available soon.


***N. B. This workshop is a three-day event and single day attendance is not possible.

General Workshop Programme:


Registration: From midday on Thursday 23rd November.

The workshop will commence at 2pm

Session One: 2.00 pm-5.00 pm. Followed by evening meal

Session Two. 7.00 pm-9.00 pm.


Friday 24th November.

Session Three: 9.30 am-12.30 pm. Followed by lunch

Session Four: 2.00 pm- 4.30 pm. Followed by evening meal.

Session Five: 6.00 pm-8.00 pm.


Saturday 25th November.

Session Six: 10.00 am-1.00 pm. Followed by lunch

Session Seven: 2.30 pm-5.00 pm

About the Staff:

All three colleagues are very enthusiastic about the potential of group work as a location for personal, interpersonal and community learning. They are each trained within the Person-centred Approach and have had extensive experience in small and large groups at home in the UK and internationally.

Dot Clark writes: I am interested in exploring what it means to trust whatever process is unfolding in every moment between us in human relationships, and between my experiencing and existence itself. I believe the mystical and contemplative traditions can support the person-centred practice of paying a particular quality of attention to whatever is happening in relationship, whether that relationship is with oneself, with another or with being itself. I am in my early sixties, am based in Fife in Scotland and have been learning about the person-centred approach for over twenty years as a person who is sometimes a counsellor, supervisor, facilitator, trainer, client, supervisee, group member and (always a) student.

Colin Lago, D. Litt, was Director of the Counselling Service at the University of Sheffield, U.K., from 1987 – 2003. He now works as an independent counsellor, trainer, supervisor and consultant. Trained initially as an engineer, Colin went on to become a full time youth worker in London and a teacher in Jamaica before becoming a counselling practitioner. He is a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, an accredited counsellor/psychotherapist and registered practitioner. Deeply committed to transcultural concerns within psychotherapy, he has published articles, videos and books on the subject. With Mhairi MacMillan he co-edited ‘Experiences in Relatedness: Group Work and the Person-Centred Approach’.


John Wilson is Director of Online Events, an organisation that has now developed a video library exceeding 700 interviews and presentations featuring a wide variety of counselling and psychotherapy professionals. Broadcast online, these events have developed an enthusiastic following and generously offer freely available professional development opportunities. He is also the incoming Director of Temenos in Sheffield, a Person Centred counselling/psychotherapy training agency. He is in independent practice and offers face to face and online counselling.

Workshop Details:

Location: St. Mary’s Conference Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

St. Mary’s Conference Centre is situated very close to Sheffield United football ground and within a ten minute taxi ride from the railway station.

Dates: 23rd-25th November, 2017.

Cost of workshop. (This includes coffee, tea, 2 lunches and 2 evening meals): £195.00

Accommodation Suggestions:

**N.B. Please note that the workshop is non-residential. However, the workshop location is sited within a ten minute walk of the centre of Sheffield and is thus in close proximity to a wide range of hotels and ‘bed and breakfasts’.

Google ‘Sheffield City Centre Hotels’ for an extensive guide to locations/hotels etc. The conference centre is on the corner of Bramall Lane and the inner ring road at St. Mary’s Gate. We suggest checking hotels out on trip advisor too. Local hotels include:


  • The Copthorne Hotel, Bramall Lane– within 200 yards of the conference centre.

  • The Kenwood (Marriott) Hotel is in Nether Edge and is set in peaceful

    grounds in a leafy area 1 mile from St Marys with a health club and

    swimming pool for use by guests.

  • The Ibis in Sheffield city centre.

  • Sheffield Central Tavelodge. It’s a 5 min walk from Sheffield rail station and 2 mins walk to the bus station.

  • The Premier Inn, city centre.

***N.B. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and many more hotels are listed.

Deposit £50 (fully refundable) payable to book your place.

Confirmation that the minimum number for the group to run has been reached will be sent on or before 6th November along with a request to pay the balance of £145.00.