Foundation year in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Course Lead: John Wilson
Tutor: Fabienne Chazeaux & John Wilson


This year is a foundation year in person-centred philosophy, theory and applications which is appropriate for those who have no previous experience of the practice of therapy or those who already have a therapy qualification based in another theoretical orientation or tradition. Whilst forming a foundation year to the Diploma in person centred counselling & Psychotherapy, it stands alone, and has proved a useful introduction to and foundation in the approach for those in a variety of professions.


Congruent with the principles of person-centred approaches to education, the precise content of the course is discussed and negotiated with students. Thus, we view this syllabus as a starting point for discussion and the organisation of study in the Units:


The principles of the person-centred approach:

  • The nature of the human organism and that it tends to actualise.
  • The helper’s non-directive attitude.
  • The necessity and sufficiency of six therapeutic conditions.


The six necessary and sufficient conditions of change:

  • Psychological contact
  • Client incongruence
  • Therapist/facilitator congruence
  • The therapist/facilitator’s unconditional positive regard
  • The therapist/facilitator’s empathic understanding
  • The client’s experience of ‘being received’


The philosophy and history of the approach, the context of the approach and its scope, as well as developments in the approach.