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Introduction to Counselling Skills – Delivered Online

The Temenos Counselling Skills Certificate begins with an Introduction to Counselling Skills Course which consists of 5 sessions of 3 hours, delivered weekly online. This is an opportunity for the student to consider whether Temenos is the right learning environment for their development and also for the Temenos team to evaluate the student’s suitability for further Counselling Skills training.

The five sessions will consist of time for an introduction to counselling theory, group process and skills practise. Students will be required to locate themselves in a quiet and private space and be able to access the training through their computer / tablet / mobile device. Before the training begins, students will receive an invitation to a one to one orientation meeting to familiarise them with the online learning environment.

Students who have successfully completed the Introduction to Counselling Skills course will be eligible to apply for the Certificate in Counselling Skills Course. This course will consist of 3 modules, each module consists of 12 sessions of 3 hours, delivered weekly online.

About Counselling Skills Training at Temenos

We are excited to announce the very first Counselling Skills Certificate Course from Temenos to be delivered completely online!

We will bring together our experience of working experientially online in the Temenos Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy Seminar programme, the Temenos Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy Online training weekend and also the experiential workshops that are being delivered via the onlinevents platform.

Fabienne Chazeaux and John Wilson have co-authored a peer reviewed article with Kate Dunn and Carole Francis-Smith on the theory and practise of working online in this exciting and pioneering way.

It is time for Temenos to make it’s contribution to the field of Counselling Skills training by offering the opportunity to engage with this training online. It is clear that the “soft” skills that have been at the heart of the counselling and psychotherapy profession for more than 40 years are becoming recognised as invaluable in all areas of professional and personal life. Organisations are waking up to the fact that how colleagues within their teams interact with each other, and their clients or service users, is the key to thriving in a new world of ultra-connectivity.

The Temenos Certificate in Counselling Skills has been developed to address the new and unexpected relational challenges emerged by a world which is connected every minute of every day. You will graduate from this course with listening skills that are ideally matched to the environment you are operating in. At the end of the course you will have an ethical and theoretical foundation that will support you to use counselling skills in ways that are safe for you and those you listen to. You will have extensive opportunities to practise on the course so that you will be confident in using your counselling skills in your context and exponentially increase your effectiveness.