Couples Counselling Training

About this course

Add Couples Counselling to your practice with this 7 day course which is designed to help you work safely and effectively with couples.

This course will suit anyone who already has a basic understanding and experience of the counselling process and is looking to extend their knowledge and experience of working in the interesting, demanding and fascinating world of couples counselling. It will not only build on your counselling knowledge in general but also on the practical and theoretical aspects of working with the couple dynamic.

You will develop the skills needed to offer couples counselling sessions which will help the couple to engage with and understand their contract, responsibilities, role, requirements and goals and to make changes in their relationships that create lasting change in how they relate to and feel about each other.

Once you have completed the training you will be suitably qualified to deliver Couples Counselling sessions, with robust Supervision from a Couples Counselling Supervisor.

Who is this course for?

  • Counsellors who are currently working with Couples and want to reflect on their practice and deepen their learning.
  • Qualified counsellors who are considering working with Couples.

Course Structure

The course is offered in two parts.

The first part of the course is 4 days delivered over 2 weekends with a closed learning group. In these 4 days you will learn about:

  • Couple dynamics
  • Therapeutic bonding
  • Holding the balance
  • Attachment and systemic theory
  • Scripts and messages
  • Couple fit
  • Relationship styles
  • Diversity and blended families
  • Immediacy
  • Perception and reality
  • Communication
  • Reflective practice
  • Argument resolution

The course will also include another 3 days of open group learning that will invite participation from colleagues who are interested in learning about working with couples or who are engaging with Continuing Professional Development for their Couples Counselling work.

In these 3 days you will be learning about:

Day 1
Genograms and the gathering of engaging therapeutic information
Day 2
Sex and the symbolic understanding of the problem
Day 3
Working therapeutically with loss and rejection in the counselling room

Dates for the Autumn 2019 Course:

Core Training

  • Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of October 2019
  • Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of November 2019

Further 3 Days

  • Saturday 25th of January 2020
  • Saturday 22nd February 2020
  • Saturday 7th March 2020

Dates for the Spring 2020 Course:

Core Training

  • Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th of April 2020
  • Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of May 2020

Further 3 Days

  • Saturday 25th of January 2020
  • Saturday 22nd February 2020
  • Saturday 7th March 2020


The total cost for the full 7 days is £750 and includes refreshments, course materials and support during the program.

A deposit of £100.00 will be required to secure your place on the course.

You can choose to pay the balance of the full fee before the start of the course or you can pay the balance in 5 instalments of £136.00 which includes £30.00 to pay for the administration of the instalments. One instalment to be paid before each course weekend.

Please click here to pay your deposit and secure your place on the course.

Students who have completed this course have found that:

  • They are able to introduce working with couples into their practice.
  • They benefit from being part of a learning community with colleagues working in different contexts and with different age groups, and through discussion of the variety of themes.
  • They are up to date with developments in the field of counselling couples, having reviewed legal and safeguarding requirements.
  • They know how to access useful sources of information and support
  • Practice sessions provide a rare opportunity to reflect with colleagues on “live” counselling work

All Temenos students are offered full access to the onlinevents library whilst they are on the course. This is the world’s largest library of video & audio recordings created for the helping professions, linked to a learning log and instant certification (over 700 hours of CPD recordings including learning specific to working with couples).

Students will also have access to Temenos’s extensive library of counselling and psychotherapy books.

About Temenos

Temenos has been offering a counseling and psychotherapy diploma course for more than 25 years.

We are pleased to be offering this couples counselling training with Ian Wallace as a way for colleagues to open up their practice to working with couples.

This course is offered as a collaboration with Ian Wallace and his company Ian Wallace Training and Coaching.

You can click here to read more about Ian Wallace’s training programmes.

About Ian Wallace

I have over 9500 hours of face to face work with clients and I am an accomplished presenter, teacher, and trainer. I use my knowledge and experience to present my training courses, bringing to life the subjects I teach using case presentations and real life experiences to put theory and practice learning in an easy and simple way.

I run a truly free resource website,, which is updated monthly with new ways to help people to understand the human dynamic. It gives people an understanding of the work I do, the awareness I gain through my work, and the tools and interventions that I use in my work with Clients.

I also have a website,, which explores the intuitive therapeutic interventions that all of us have but mostly are not aware of. This awareness helps us to use transference and counter transference within a therapeutic encounter. Building trust and working alliances easier and more connected.

I also have a counselling and therapy practice which offers therapeutic and mental health interventions from myself and other professionals in Wakefield details which can be found at

Get to know Ian Wallace's Style & Philosophy

How To Help Couples Calm In The Counselling Room - Couples Counselling with Ian Wallace

Tools To Help Couples Build Trust After An Affiar - Couples Counselling with Ian Wallace

3 Reasons People Have An Affair - Couples Counselling with Ian Wallace

Watch Ian Wallace Work With a Couple

Testimonials From Previous Trainings

“Extremely thought provoking and useful – great to learn from the experiences of others. Trainer was excellent and what a superb group with combined inputs created a pooling of experience and learning from many point of view.”
“Excellent delivery from someone who was well experienced in the field, who addressed questions appropriately whilst also encouraging us all in our own capacities”
“Really thorough and well delivered which gave the attendees quality learning in a relaxed atmosphere, something I will always remember”
“I really liked Ian’s approach it was really relaxed and spoken in easy to understand terms, which I found very helpful. Not too much jargon very informative”,